Since our inception in 2004, OBM has been committed to developing media that supports the production and presentation of art. We believe art is a powerful form of expression that enriches communities and encourages meaningful dialogue. Our Community Engagement team is dedicated to developing key partnerships with internationally recognized and local artists, as well as museums, art institutions, and curators, to activate art in highly visible areas. Represented by #OBMarts, these collaborative efforts and ongoing investments expand the reach of art in public spaces to broader and more diverse audiences, delivering on our mission to improve lives in cities through our media platform.

Meet Our Artists & Partners

Arts & Entertainment Atlanta District

Featured Initiative

Since our founding in 2004, OBM has been committed to pursuing a community-oriented model of outdoor media that integrates art, community content, and advertising. We have worked to ensure that each of our sites within A&E Atlanta serves as a community asset through a unique combination of signature design, public art, and meaningful community content. Since the launch of our first sign in September 2019, OBM has invested $7 million dollars in donated signage time to nonprofit organizations, local artist’s, culture institutions and museums to support programs and initiatives throughout Atlanta.

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Walls for a Cause NYC

Walls for a Cause NYC, a multi-site public art exhibition and philanthropic initiative, launched in the late fall of 2020. Curated by Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels of gallery We Buy Gold and Diana Nawi for Orange Barrel Media, the project presents commissioned paintings from nine contemporary artists in the form of large-scale murals on prominent OBM wallscapes throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Participating artists include Felipe Baeza, María Berrío, Theresa Chromati, Ariel Dannielle, Chioma Ebinama, Marcus Jahmal, Christopher Myers, Naudline Pierre, and Ilana Savdie. Murals were display for residents and visitors throughout 2021 in rotation with commercial messaging.

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Art for Action

Launched in advance of the 2020 election, “Art for Action” was an artist-driven non-partisan voter awareness campaign developed to counteract voter suppression, encourage engagement, and drive action through the deployment of dynamic public art and voter resources. It was the largest and most geographically diverse effort of its kind. Curated by the Wexner Center for the Arts and Diana Nawi, the campaign featured the works of seven local and four national artists, including Carrie Mae Weems, Jeffrey Gibson, Jenny Holzer, and Tomashi Jackson.

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Nari Ward: We the People

MCA Denver and internationally recognized artist Nari Ward partnered with OBM on an ambitious public art project to extend a retrospective exhibition of Ward’s work entitled We the People beyond museum walls. The artist’s famous wall-drawings, which he creates by drilling shoelaces into architectural walls to form images and texts, appeared as digital content on 38 large-scale displays and kiosks throughout Downtown Denver.

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For Freedoms: 2020 Awakening

For Freedoms is an artist-led organization that harnesses the power of art to encourage civic engagement, public discourse, and direct action. Over the past two years, we have used our media platform to support various For Freedoms initiatives, including our recent participation in their 2020 Awakening campaign. Created to drive greater participation in American democracy and timed to coincide with the November elections, 2020 Awakening featured more than 100 billboards by over 85 artists in all 50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

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Boston Arts Academy

Boston Arts Academy (BAA) is the city’s only public high school for the visual and performing arts, serving students who reflect the diversity of Boston’s neighborhoods.

Orange Barrel Media displayed their student artwork on several of our large format signs throughout the city during spring 2022.

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Charles McGee x Library Street Collective

Orange Barrel Media partnered with Library Street Collective in their efforts to display Charles McGee’s work throughout Detroit. The artist and educator, who called Detroit home since the age of only ten years old, passed away in February of 2021 at the age of ninety-six. His prolific career spanned nearly eight decades.

In 2017, Library Street Collective began working closely with McGee, and since his passing the gallery has worked alongside his daughter, Lyndsay McGee, to assemble a collection of his remaining works.

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